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We are a team of creators, designers, strategists, and developers connecting the dots – leveraging the skills and backgrounds of multidisciplinary individuals to solve design challenges with organizations in the Waterloo Region.

Connecting our community
with design

Many organizations lack the resources to effectively utilize digital systems, processes, and tools. This may simply be a result of insufficient know-how, tools, or access to people with design or research specific skills.

While competition can be a driving force of innovation and market growth, collaboration is a core aspect of meaningful community impact. Design.local intends to be the catalyst to push the boundaries of economic growth and help our members develop critical design skills.

Who' s Involved


There are skilled problem solvers across multiple disciplines in the Waterloo Region, each with their own backgrounds and expertise.


The Waterloo Region has three world-class post-secondary schools that graduate new cohorts every year that have the potential to contribute to the local economy.


Governments identify and enact actionable initiatives that assist in driving economic value for their constituents.

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Design.local is connecting the dots

By bringing skilled people together, we provide the opportunity to collaborate with organizations, governments and problem solvers in our community.

How it works

Design.local creates new opportunities, develops new insights and plans for design strategy, and engages and retains talent.

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What you might learn
in the process


Positive Social Impact


Knowledge Exchange






New Opportunities


Exploring Mindset

What you can do
to help our cause


Follow us on our social media to keep up with our progress and get notified about new projects


Collaborate with us and submit a proposal.


Work with us to connect with people across the government and our community.

Active design challenges

THEMUSEUM - Youth Council


We’re currently designing a digital experience with THEMUSEUM’s Youth Council, a group of diverse teens working to create projects for youth, by youth.

Butterfly Learning Centre


We’re currently designing a strategy based solution with The Butterfly Learning Centre, a non-profit child care centre that works to enrich learning experiences.

Connect with us!

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